Ecuador is located in South America. Its total area is about 256,370 km2. It`s situated on the equatorial line on the Pacific coast of South America.Quito is the capital city and the currency is the American Dollar. The official spoken language is Spanish.

Ecuador is a country of contrasts with four natural geographic regions: Coast, Andean region, Amazon region, and the Galapagos Islands. Our country has one of the greatest diversities of ecosystems per area in the world. Ecuador is one of the most recommended tourist destinations for visiting. Our country has a great cultural diversity, a gorgeous geography, history, and impressive biodiversity.

Due to its prime location along the equator line, Ecuador is also the country of eternal springtime. The country’s great geographical diversity has produced a variety of climates and microclimates, ideal environments for the flourishing of flora and fauna. The climate throughout the country ranges according the location, altitude, and city, from tropical rain in the Amazon region until cold or warm in the Andean region.

There is a huge quantity of places to get to know, all are simply wonderful.

That is why Ecuador is a unique and extraordinary country in the world. A country where everything is close.

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